Become the home of online shopping with a Magento 2 site that transforms customer experience

Make the most of your ecommerce website with Magento

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform. It’s flexible and responsive to create an optimum user experience. Magento lets developers modify code, add features, and integrate the functionality you want.


You’ll have a professional website that can be continually developed to meet the ever-changing buying patterns of customers.

A complete Magento development solution for your business

Prolong Digital is a full service agency with specialists in design, development, DevOps, testing and digital marketing.


When we build your website, we’re taking a holistic view of how your website should function, perform, generate traffic and convert. Our development teams understand what’s required to build a website that’s efficient and fast and built to do its primary job: sell products.


But there’s a whole lot more to a website than building it and that’s why our project team always contains specialists who will help you understand your users and their search habits. We build SEO-ready websites that are structured and designed to rank well organically and provide your users with a great experience.


Our team will advise on keyword research, structure, structured data, shopping feeds, eCommerce tracking among a plethora of other key components of a website that will benefit your site but may get overlooked without the specialists available.